My Demo About Playing With Samples

This afternoon i didn’t wanted to work so i made a short demo about playing with samples

It’s not really new concept but it can gives you ideas

download xrns demo here

mp3 demo here


hehe, wow, nice small demo mat. the scratch on the second patter was really nice :) if it is not already there I think this demo will suit well in the tutorial section in the wiki ;)

very nice indeed, cheers for the tips man.

this should definately be in the tutorial site.

This is pretty snazz Mat. Would you like to write something on this for InDepth?

do you want i make a longer track?

Not exactly no. A little longer blurb about what you did would be great though. And even better a screen-shot or two. If you’d like to go through with something like that just PM me and we’ll get you set up to submit something.

The scratching is clever as hell man. I can’t believe that never crossed my mind.

oh man, this is what I was looking for.
I wanted to open the file with renoise 1.8 but it didnt work. Can anyone help me? Do I have to convert it some way or so?

absolutely awesome.

It s cool you like it!!

rendemon you should install the latest version, i think i made it with 1.9rc

Matt you are GREAT!!! I’m a big fan of you!!!The tutorial is very good thanxxxx!

Thank you maxwithmax! i don t see some fans very often on this forum!! :P

This tutorial is amazing. Watching it really helped me get the pattern effects down. Thanks!!

awesome piece. Very helpful! Thx