My Dream Of A (new) Mixer Within Renoise

in addition to my past suggestions about a new mixer and my suggestion in “VST favorites” about DSP drop down menus for adding FX to a track … here my sketch.

this mixer idea is taken from so much other mixers in audio-software like samplitude or whatever … but it could be great if something like this is featuring Renoise too.

click here for full-size

on the top of the mixer (above solo/mute) it could also be useful to add a render-button for “render this track”

I love this one!!! It’s a must be!

Nice picture!

Although its not more different than today except for that each track has a volume bar, and you get a compact overview…
If they implement a volume bar in the track scopes the “only” thing that makes it different is the overview, which is of course is nice.

But than I think there are many other features that has priority over a mixer view.

I realy want a mixer-view of this kind aswell :) I realy miss the overview of mixing and the level-meters where you can see if there is clipping for each track.

yeah its kinda hard at the moment, because whenever you think something needs a change in volume, you have to select that track and (maybe) scroll in the effects list to the last effect (if it has any volume-setting) or insert a gainer yourself … its kinda complicated. a mixer would be great.

cff,c00,cff,c00,cff,c00 ectect gap-per tek-NO!

there is a skale (so called tracker) with mixerjust go for it!!! :D :D: :D :D :D :D :D: D:D: D:D :D :D :D :D: :D: D: D:D: D:D :D :D :DD

Too bad, this tracker is much worse in everything except mmixer. I want mixer in the best music application ever - Renoise, not in some unfinished FT clone.


Don’t take any offence, I get the joke :D

We do not need another skale vs renoise discussion so if you want to discuss sk@le, then do it here:…t=ST&f=3&t=3392
I’m quouting myself from that discussion “btw, I said it before and I say it again, the only thing I realy miss in renoise today that sk@le has is the mixer”…

Just because skale has a mixer it doesn’t mean that renoise can not have one…

my point was → that mixer would be totally uselezzzzz…like skale in general…but just my opinion…

yep :D but some didn´t :)


Yes, useless if you do not know how to use it…
As I said, we do not need lame discussions like this in the suggestion forum…

…however… I do not know if it is just coincidences, but I have read posts by a person named robert in sk@les forum, and personlly I would be very restrained before I would make any jokes about sk@le signed with that nickname… ;)

sorry but still, not me :)