My electronic music project

definitive link to my songs


Nice, shiny and soulful) like back in the day when grass was greener and sky was bluer))

Hi! These 80’s vibes are soo soothing! Very well balanced.
I like the soft-house mood of Waiting For The Day, and also I alway like Rhodes sounds so I’m in! ^^

Thank you. I’m very happy that people like my songs. Every day I will publish some tracks from my production of more than four hundred songs created with Renoise 3.1.1. Happy listening!

People like your songs because they’re really good, and we’re talking about your songs in general. Quality will always be recognized and gets its audience, no matter where, no matter when. There’s not a single song that’s kinda bad. Your level is constantly good. Your songs are well balanced, they have groove, the instrumentation is always great and your compositions are either authentic in terms of 80s style or calm and funky dance stuff. You should create accounts on Soundcloud and Bandcamp and release your stuff there instead of creating 11+ threads in this forum that include links to your music collection on websites no one knows. Your music deserves to be heard. People need to be able to play your music immediately instead of following links to endless unsorted lists. Good stuff, keep it up! :+1:

Thank you very much. Your considerations about my music make me very happy. For me music is fundamental. I write music every day. A few years ago I had a soundcloud page but unfortunately I didn’t get much support, so I decided to close the account. Maybe I’ll try again in the future. Happy listening!

I am not so much into some of those sounds, however kudos to you. You have great composition skills and you can jump from one genre to another with ease. Cool stuff! Keep it going!

Thank you very much. I am very honored to receive your appreciation. Happy listening!

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