My first album with Renoise.

Hi. About a month ago i finally gained courage enough to forget the paradigm i was comfortable with and decided to test Renoise. 10 minutes with the demo convinced me. This piece of software is a piece of art. Not in denial about being a computer. Also, all my life liked video games so it’s an honor to work with a piece of their cultural heritage. (Renoise feels like doing combos in fighting games :smiley: oh please give us double (chained?) press keyboard shortcuts, always wanted that in all software)

Just wanted to say hi and share the first work that came out of this first contact.

(Bandcamp was charging me for free downloads and i don’t have much, it’s streamable though. If someone’s interested in having it message me and i’ll send it to you with dropbox or something)

I too discovered Renoise not to long ago and resonate strongly with your opinion of it being an art form. I had a typical DAW which was really not inspiring. Then I ran into a top 20 DAW list and found it fucking fascinating! I struggled a bit at first learning it but eventually was content with my work. I owe my work to Renoise.

I was aware of trackers in the 90’s, many years before it even crossed my mind trying to do music, was more into graphics and programming at the time (procrastinating learning Lua but already activated the tools and looked at the examples, i’m a lousy coder so i need some time to understand it). Don’t even know why i tried to use tools made for other purposes in the first time instead of just trusting the computer :stuck_out_tongue: ultimately all softsynths must somehow calculate a wave table so why masking that with images of wood and “real 3d knobs”.

Renoise just gained two new fans, i’m sure there’s more cases of Renoise epiphany if we search the forum :slight_smile: it’s such a sexy software, can that be said about software?