My First Batch Of Tracks


Here’s the first batch of tracks that I’ve made, these were done over the last couple of years before that I flirted with octamed way back but never could put together more than a few bars so I never finished anything…unlike now with renoise where I seem to finish everything I start.

These are defiantly what you could retro in style! ^_^ …I’ve still got a few more tracks to improve upon on before uploading them. They’re only on youtube (not in brilliant quality, ) I’m afraid due to the amount of samples used in them, seeing that music hosting websites are strict regards copyright.

I’m looking for a change of style when I get back to doing some new stuff, will probably try and make some ambient or industrial tracks. Currently doing a keyboard course so hopefully I wont have to rely on improvising so much in the future :D

renoise tracks


Some nice synth tracks having this nice authentic feel.
They are on the dark-side though :)

btw:It’s “Unter”, not “Under” :P

Thanks for that :)…yes I prefer doing darker tracks they’re more fun :lol:

I’ve got another track in the same vein which I’m doing a bit of mixing on before posting…its based around 1960’s mind control experiments in the US…

The shining track I called my “un-happy” hardcore track which amused my m8.

I could have looked that up but titles are just an afterthought for me ;)