My first efforts: redirect - number 03-05

Hello everybody,

I need your feedback!

After falling in love with renoise and purchasing my copy, I started learning how to make use of this nice piece of software.

This is my very first effort to create something like music and I would love to get some feedback from the more experienced users on the forum. Do you like the work so far? What would you change / remove / add? Any directions this little piece should develop into?

Moxon / redirect

Somebody can say , i prefer more bass and another less… It’s your song. don’t change anything , if you feel it like that.

The mix is quite boomy in my ears. I would probaly cut some bass frequencies.

There could be more variation / melodies in the song. But I am really not an expert in this genre.

But decent start anyway, nice sounds and instruments. Welcome to Renoise world!

First of all thanks to both of you for replying to my request!

I kind of agree with you. The song creation started with the alarm-like sound which comes first. Playing around with DSP chains I ended up with the bass it has now. Thinking about it, the current bass might rather be used in some ambient like track which needs some drones in the background.

Thanks for the kind words! Regarding the boomy bass: I will keep that in mind and test my works on different monitors the next time to check for any distorting effects like booming.

Moxon / redirect