My First Full Renoise Track!

So I opened Renoise today, for the first time since buying it in March (yeah yeah, so I got comfortable using Buzz, again), just to mess around with some samples from an old Casio keyboard I recorded a while ago. 8 hours later, I’m still working on the track, haven’t had dinner, getting kinda weak from hunger and the cold, but hey! I have a full track, finally. Maybe some work can be done to the snare in the last section but I’m pretty happy with everything else. What do you guys think?

Sounds good! Followed you on Soundcloud :)


It’s sweet man! It’s got that 80’s soundtrack vibe to it … cruisin!

I’ve only pretty new to Renoise too and I’m always learning - it’s such a great app for fending off hunger and the cold!! :guitar:

Nice work Modey, gotta love those toms :)

Pselodux, quite a coincidence to find you here. I’ve just finished remixing your track for the TEFOSAV compilation! All in Renoise too. :)

Oh cool! Very interested to hear it (especially since the source material was quite minimal in terms of composition).

And thanks for the listens, everyone!