My First Game Soundtrack

Hallo noiserrrs and indie gamerrrs.

The other day I completed my first game soundtrack, sequenced 100% in Renoise!

>> The Indie Game Legend soundtrack
(You may notice I go by “hryx” these days, not Diptera)

The game designer had very specific ideas and wanted me to do chip-like music, as the game is directly based on The Guardian Legend on NES. I originally considered making authentic NSFs using MML+MCK/FamiTracker as I much prefer (and have done in the past), but due to the time, convenience, and workflow advantages I chose Renoise. This is my first “fake” chiptune release, so I went wild with big drum sounds. :>

For a couple tunes I played around with VSTs such as Oatmeal, but I eventually settled on my own sampled NSF instruments, which ended up being speedy and reliable.

As for the game itself, it is pretty satirical of a specific social scene – namely, the TIGSource community – but the gameplay should be fun for all, regardless. It’s by a unique and driven fellow I met last year named Paul Hubans. Please try it out if you’re interested, but be warned that you’ll likely experience bugs in this first release version.

>> The Indie Game Legend (Windows)

Thank, and enjoys.

freaking great! it fits well with the game!

good work!

It looks like it would fit already on the abandonware pages :P
It sounds a bit too much NES like though, i would have enjoyed it more if at least some kind of SID filtering tricks would have been applied. But that’s just personal taste.
Still the music doesn’t sound bad at all. Themes are well picked and suiting their titles.

Left it playing while I was doing some (non-musical) work, and it definitely accomplishes job 1 of a soundtrack: setting and changing the mood.

Definitely sounds “fake chip” or “updated chipstyle” as opposed to “retro chip”, but it’s the actual music that matters most.

Nice stuff!

Have only had a chance to listen to alien compound, but i love it!!

For me the NES vibe is perfect as i grew up on it!!

Looking forward to download the whole album when I have more internets!! :walkman:

Thank you for your comments, everyone!

Mixtapes, I agree on both counts. I am generally not a big fan of this contemporary fake chip style, but it got the job done and I’m fairly happy with what I did with it musically.

vV, I am interested in SID sounds but I don’t know much about the chip (I never grew up with it). Could you point me to some good sources on getting started making SID music?