My First Movie Score

Hi Everyone

I’m a new user and decided to re-score Night of the Living Dead as a practical way to begin the learning process of Renoise. I used Spitfire BBC Orchestra Discover, Spitfire Scary Strings, Fat Bee’s Rehearse and SaschArt 3Sampler. Several interesting WAVs from Freesound (under Creative Commons 0 License). First attempt making noise…added plus I didn’t need to craft a meaningful melody


Excellent work

From my imperfect ears:
“lack of consistent loudness
Hi freqs are too detailed compared to low freqs”

Thanks…mb I can come up with an edgy low rumble

Compress the hi

Or/and use a dedicated bus/master compressor on master

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I added a low drone…it does sound better

So you know that it also exist hi drone my friend

Good way of thinking the sound

I’m still thinking an interesting low rumble that I’ll shape the source. MB wander around with my Zoom recorder next time I’m out…


hardware “signature” in low and hi

the most of a music designer is brain and ears…and heart

Beautiful work here. Very well done

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Updated my soundtrack…don’t want to overwork it

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Now more calibrated…

But now a problem appear…the lack of stereo width in the hi freqs

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It was taking me a few to sort your suggestion because of my lack of experience. And it got me to thinking when it comes to orchestration. The sound is different when you’re standing on stage vs the audience. For example violins are left of center the cellos and basses are right, percussion center from audience perspective. MB experiment with the balance of each section tomorrow. Thanks

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A movie score is not exactly the same as orchestral score

for a movie score,you are free for the mix…It’s a sort of hybrid between next-gen and traditional

Still all good practice…plus some valuable suggestions.