My First New Song In Over A Year!

I know it’s not much, and “flow” is something that entirely escapes me, but I’m excited! My block is finally moving.

That, and this is the first song I’ve completed since I purchased the full version of Renoise. I’m so madly in love with this program… even though I’m nowhere near a virtuoso musician.

mad! and i like it :)

that’s pretty fucking cool man

F^&^%ing brilliant man…I thought the drums in the beginning were a little too amen/breakcore/cliched, however your melodic lines and textures were very live and organic, way more interesting then anything I do currently…someone would pay money for that, would be good maybe in a videogame, film…who knows…impressed keep it up:)

ps…mind you I am just listening on my lappy w earbuds so who knows what mastering or mixing it needs if any…