My first release on iTunes

Would much appreciate any support from Renoise forums, reposts, links on social media.
Its my first release, I’ve used Ableton live and Renoise and I came back to Renoise and can’t seem to find anything better. Heaps of great tracks from the community on here, congrats Renoise users!

My first release, out on iTunes, you can listen to it on the youtube iink above and check it out on iTunes here: ‎Enigma by Sen-Pulse on Apple Music

Made with the latest version of Renoise, instruments are all 32bit, mastered in 32bit, 192,000 sample rate.
Any re-posts on social media are welcome :slight_smile:



This is awesome! Production quality is fantastic!

Followed and liked on Spotify. Definitely going into rotation for me. You’ve bridged a gap in genre that very much aligns with my taste. I look forward to hearing more!

Thanks I’m happy to hear you liked it and rate the quality :slight_smile:
I’ve got my second track due for release on the 1st of the 5th, ill keep this thread posted.


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