My First Release With Renoise

So… i did it… I finished a track,

Title: Slet Tronic Yeah
Genre: breakbeat / industrial :yeah:

Oh and sorry about the way the song ends… I dunno why i had to do that. <_<

noticed the Daft Punk style intro?

Pretty good, i have to say :)

Right now i’m at work and i have here very crappy speakers though. But i will listen it again at home, to get a better picture :)

I agree Pretty good!

You should mention in your post that the file is a link to a online file.
I downloaded the file and played it in winamp.

Did you used samples from NI “synthetic drums” sample CD in that song?

You’re right…
some people have ploblems with streams

Here is the mp3 downl.

Slet Tronic Yeah

Thanks Trackit and Splajn… also on other sites, I have nothing but good reactions to my sound. That means i’m back and I’ll make more beats/tracks :drummer:

What is NI “synthetic drums” ?

You dont want to know how many drum instruments are in that track… heh :drummer: a lot

Native Instruments have a sample CD called “Synthetic drums” Some of the drum sounds sounded familiar… :) but i guess you didn’t use it if you don’t that CD…

well, how many drum samples are in that song? :)

If that’s the style it’s designed to be in, it’s done well.

I’m not sure if I’m qualified to judge this song. I’m assuming it’s in 4/4, but I really can’t figure out the pattern of the drums–they seem to be verging on being random (until 5:49, where the pattern changes into something rememberable), and the song is completely missing a melody of any kind all the way through–the song contains no hooks. I have a feeling that’s the style of the music and it’s just not something I can relate with. It seems totally appropriate for a game, but to me it’s just not something I can sit down and listen to for enjoyment.

Don’t take what I’m saying to heart–keep going with what you’re doing. Everyone has different taste.

It has very good production quality.

it’s no so random… at least i can hear the pattern. But on the other hand i think its good when breakbeat dont have so evident pattern :)

And i think that if some good rapper could lie some cool rhymes it would be even better :)

Thanks for the review Kizzume… and yes its all about the beats

I can’t find the direct link to the mp3 download… all i get is the artistpage.
Can some1 help me with that?
Oh and i just added a second song … so if you guys like to breakdance… be my guest :lol:

Clear sound, cool samples, what can I say? You’re back indeed! B)

About the supposedly (<-yr124 B.C. spelling?) random drumbeat patterns… I just thought: hey let’s add a whole new twist to the Breakbeat genre by starting the pattern with a snare (and crash cymbal) instead of the kick ;)
I’ll try to make it more visual, it’s something like:

  1. snare (and crash cymbal) followed by a
  2. low freq 808 bass kick followed by a
  3. low freq 808 bass kick followed by a
  4. distorted snare followed by a
  5. kick followed by a
  6. kick followed by
  7. a pause shizzles followed by a
  8. kick rapidly followed by a
  9. kick with open hihat followed by a
    10.snare followed by a
    11.snare followed by
    12.a pause end of pattern

And then the second pattern slightly different from this one (11. is a kick and 12. a snare. Weird but true :drummer: lol

And of course the shizzles (hihats all over the place) for dynamics

Well done!
Os snoop dog would have put it:
Fo shizzles my nizzles :D

sorry mate, I’d tried dl ing yer humongous 11 mb file, but just as it tried globbing the last few bytes the connection f****ed, and everythings gone! next time gadget , next time! If I wasn’t leaching this shitty connection ,I’d try again.


yeah i know, its huge for a 6 min song. 256kb/s mp3!

that wasn’t so smart of me, since there is hardly any difference in quality if you go higher than 192kb/s