My First Renoise Bug-wipe/out

So its a fact, my first renoise bugout. Had the song running and pressed the save button, Renoise just froze up and just showed me the hourglass as a nice greek old gesture. Time went on and i went with it, checked via my other puter on the lan and found the song at 200kb, instead of 20mb. And then computer just bugged out, well, i tried to fix the priority settings after 10 minutes of waiting, to “realtime” and it froze up completly. Had to restart computer and when it came back on the song was still at 200kb. Loaded it successfully and it had deleted all except the song setup, luckily all sample names were in place, so now its just a bunch of cutting todo. Nice christmas present, thanks renoise! :D


edit: i guess this one fits in the “anyone had any mayor crashes with beta 2” thread! God damn my lack of search button skillz.