My First Renoise Song (In Progress)

My first track made on Renoise, I downloaded it less than one week ago, I love this software!
Please let me know what you think of it, tear it apart, comment and insult it.
I know I overdid some parts, but I’m still experimenting with commands.

Thanks for the feedback, what is the GLITCH dsp?

On this pattern I mainly used the Ex, 09xx, B0/B1 commands, especially the Ex command.

I’ll give that plug-in a try, I took the pleasure of glitching my loop manually on this track…

Nice track, Automageddon! You seem to have the pattern fx under control just dandy! :) Keep it up, welcome to the community and don’t mind the French Foreign Legion ;) This place usually is a place of zen and understanding.

Yo le gros, Kaneel fait partie de notre commuté depuis 2003. C’est pas notre problème si tu comprends pas ses blagues. Relax.

Every review I’ve read from you is some sort of negative. If you don’t get noise music, then why share your opinion? Thanks dad? You’re a true renaissance man?

Ruining every thread with drama. Lame.

Ostie, j’ai hâte.

Anyway, this thread is ruined now… Apologies to Automageddon. Don’t let it discourage you. Let that be a lesson to everyone, don’t feed the trolls.

PRO-TIP: If all you do is “give feedback in an insulting way” (what?!? where?!?!) to pave your way into the community, don’t expect a parade when you finally post some tunes.

I don’t really want to get involved in this argument, me being Italian and you being Frenchies, but I agree with what he just said above, nothing wrong with being average, but you’ll never make any real good music if you don’t try harder and stop thinking average.

Sorry Lili, but sure you made an honest mistake in the first post by telling the OP to be careful with the Glitch DSP (VST actually) and trying to point him to a few pattern commands.

Now when he states all the glitching was done with pattern commands, by hand, what was your response?

Oh yeah, you just ignored it and started slagging off another, long-term and very helpful user who has provided many video tutorials to Youtube to help people just starting out.

Get a grip of yourself mate!

Nice track auto mageddon
@ Homerbrain …I think you’re acting like a complete ass

@ automageddon …

for your first renoise track you rock some crazy fx that i today not able to manage.

This is not normal my style, what i hear and for me it feels like your track have no clear direction.
What will the track tell, what picture will it draw?

For me …

a track will catch me if it will take me away and show me things.
I am not good at discribe it clear, hope you have a clue what i will tell you.

Good start ^_^

@ lili

… it seems you have the i-must-have-the-last-word Syndrom

take care … i mean this sincerely

I am a big fan of kaneel :P

Nice piece of glitch :) Hmm… But I think you could play a bit more with panning (after half of the track it got annoying that those higher glitches were mostly on the left - I even got concerned that maybe there’s something wrong my speakers :D )

But for the first track I think you’ve got it pretty well how to work Renoise! ;)

Lili, you have insulted people…

I love how people are speaking french now…J’aime les pommes?

maybe spanish… creo que Lil es el rey de Shit Stirring…

Ok, now the song
First off, it made me fucking jump… Don’t worry it doesn’t sound like glitch, that satanistic plug in! no offense obviously to dblue, but only trackers are allowed to glitch ! ;)

I’m not really one to judge such genres, see my music in the sig (cheeky plug) but your really getting to grips with it quickly :)

Maybe try some filter sweeps, add a bit of variation? Sample that whole clip and chop it up and even more glitchy… Link an lfo to a hydra to another hydra… maybe set that to an lfo, and then cooncet that to loads of fucking effects and then play it over white noise and go bonkers… or crazy as normal people would say…

your making noise music, don’t limit your music in anyway… ok maybe a little compression :P

do you like that pun? had to be done

I’ve amended the track a bit, it should be final now, the link to the final version is in the first post

and below

lol, this thread…best promotion ever…
Great song, specially for a first time.
Kaneel’s right about the bassline though, definitely needs one to beef it up and give it a theme.
and also a little bit of a squeeze on the production. :smashed:
Good job!

i’m fairly sure if i said that in english i would be banned… but i think we should keep it, hes funny to look at

Even ignoring the fact that this is your first song in Renoise, this is really well done.
Made me want to try some heavier effects on my own music, but I don’t know if I have the stamina to do something like this :P.
Here’s my unjustified opinion…
The intro vocal sample work was golden, (same when it came back in at 1.26)
The pads towards the beginning seemed like they could be a bit louder without crowding out the crazy percussion, but maybe it’s my laptop speakers making it seem that way, or maybe I’m just not hardcore enough to take the drums straight.
I liked that things at .58, and the whole section leading up to the vocal sample, actually.
I think kaneel’s bass torture idea might be worth trying.
Ending was good.
I was surprised that it was only about 2.30, it felt longer than that, and I mean that in a neutral way.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try not to consider this finished and work on a bassline, let’s see what comes out…