My First Renoise Song (mean To You C64)

finaly i got renoise and i love it
its very stable and good looking so here is my first song made with renoise its a little weard ;) to you c64.mp3

Odo :)

Your url should be:…20you%20c64.mp3

Cool oldschool video game sounding track!

Welcome 2 our comunity, Odo ! ;)

BTW: song is nicee :) feel myself like back in Speccy times… Miss 'em


don’t get me started !!! :) … aah… the days… . . :)

welcome Odo, your synths rock! (kikken ass zeg maar…) ;)

love ur track!


cool stuff. welcome to the community! keep postin new stuff!!

Great stuff. Love this tune. Welcome to the community and keep pouring those tracks. :walkman: