My First Renoise Song

I bought Renoise as soon as I heard of the linux release and have been playing around with it ever since, I’d come across trackers before, but not really had any experience of them. I made a song this morning after the release of the linux RC1, and feel brave enough to let others listen to it.

Previously I’ve used rosegarden quite a bit, but I’m really blown away by how quickly I can get something done in renoise. I’ve rarely finished anything in rosegarden. I’m certainly no musician, and this is really just something I do in the little spare time I get.

Here goes… Any feedback would be much appreciated… It’s a house sort of thing I guess…

Edit: I’ve temporarily removed the link to the file - after listening I noticed that one of the sounds (it was white noise generated by a ladspa plugin, and made to ‘whoosh’ using low pass and high pass filters) hadn’t rendered. Now when I try to load the .xrns into renoise 1.9.1 RC1 it crashes, doh! I will return however…

Sorted now, thanks to Taktik for the quick RC1 linux client fix, here’s a link to the song. (I substituted the pink noise ladspa plugin for some random white noise sample I found on the net):

Thanks for your patience!

Not bad for a first song.

However, a few things I’d recommend more variation. Repetition almost to a fault occurs in that song (maybe that’s what you were going for, if so, ignore me.), but it can be alleviated rather easily. Rather than just adding to the chord progression you have going on, try adding other elements instead. A pad in the background, or just some accompaniment with a different instrument. The bass break-down in the middle certainly helped add interest in the song, but it still could use more.

Anyways, that’s just my opinion. Feel free to ignore it. :P Good job though, and keep working at it!