My First Renoise Track...let Me Know What You Think

If you’re into breakcore type music, noisy, crazy, without much structure, then check this out…

I want to know what you guys think, KEEPING IN MIND i’ve been using this program for 2 weeks…its really my first shot at doing anything with this kind of music, so go easy on me!

my inspiration/idea for this snippet of a track is to have it as a transition between an Intro and the first Real track.


edit: i know alot of the stuff seems random…this is the sound i was going for, cause it’s supposed to be a quick little transition…hoho

You will need tb_peach_1_2 to play this.

aw i didnt think about that before i did this…i guess i just needa wait to buy the full version before i share anything, it’ll make it a lot easier…i was just eager to get this out as its my first OK-sounding (for obnoxious f****around music) production