My First Renoise Track (used Reason For A Year)

After using reason for almost a year, I switched to renoise. It’s a lot of fun, as you all know.

Just joined the forum, been having fun listening to everyone else’s music as well.

Here is my first track in renoise if you want to take a gander.


copycat … a bit to obvious
The drums are way too skinny and thin


The instruments are quite clear… but the song sounds pretty improvised though…
(rough edges) I like it more when the song advances. I’m less fond of the percussional guidance though (too messy).

Pretty cool, but … you’ve been listening to “Venetian Snares : My Downfall” a lot lately, didn’t you ?

This is pretty good, the only thing I would do is fatten up the drums. The sequencing on the drums themselves is very good, it’s just the samples don’t have any punch to them.

There’s nothing wrong with “being influenced by…”
But I think you should try to work the other way around than you do now.

Now it sounds like a lot of samplekits mengled up.

Try to make a groove first with bass snare and hihat and work around those hits.
Take it easy in the beginning and create total chaos as the song goes on.
I think it will improve the drumstructure a lot.

Keep on tracking!

I really like the orchestral sampling but as has been stated you need to beef up your drums especially coming to the end they are getting droned out by the other instruments either turn up the gain or eq and compress them so you have some thumping bass