My First Renoise Track

Yes, my very first experience with Renoise. Hmmmm nice.

I really don’t know in each music category this one is, but I’d say it’s a mix of light breaks and Brazilian popular music. Very easy listening and relaxing.

In English, Little Snake (AVB Remix). :)
Cobrinha (AVB Remix)

There is a detail that I wanna fix on minute 5:13 (a little bit of a train wreck there) but it’s being a bitch to fix it.

Other than that, all the feedback and suggestions are welcomed.



Did not find that song there… Registered and everything! :rolleyes:

I’m fixing the minute 5:13. Tt’s really bugging me. i’ll post a new link soon. Sorry about that.


fixed link: Cobrinha (AVB Remix)

Hope u like it. :walkman:

I enjoyed that man, a nice chilled out vibe for a Saturday morning. Props on the clever drum programming, works really well with the guitar and vocals. Only comment I might make is that I found the kind of snare used a bit “slammin” for the overall mood, but it may need to be that way in order to cut through the mix. For a first track on a new sequencer, this is right up there.

Had the same problem until I clicked on the “stop blocking popups” icon in IE. Is your browser blocking popups? It appears in a popup.

Thanx Rounser, but if you read the previous post you’d see that the song was down when I tried. :)

I agree with that thing about the snare, the sample is wrong for this tune in my opinion. It should be more compact, maybe slightly flanged? And the amen breaks would sound better if you thought of it more as a percussion-instrument and gave it some highpass. Ehm, don’t have the terms down correctly… Hope you understand what I mean anyway! :rolleyes:

Hey guys,

thx so much for the feedback. I finished that track quite fast (about a week) and I might do some rework on several things that might improve it.

I’m getting very good feedback for this track and it’s a good thing. It’s nice to hear from people that the melody got stuck on their heads :guitar: . It’s a good sign.

Once again, thx.

PS: Rounser, you were the man (along with Desimal at DOA) who introduced me to this nice software called Renoise. Thx. And props to all of user users.


No worries, and good on you mate. :)

I’m wondering which part was the original… I don’t know Tiné’s Cobrinha, so i wondered what you mixed through it…
It sounds cool though.

The guitar and the vocal are samples from his track.

Tiné isn’t at all a famous artist, he a guy from my home town who sings regional songs from that particular region. I’d be surprised if people outside my state (even in Brazil) know him. So… :)

But despite him not being known, his work is great. And this track sort of a tribute to the effort of artists in Recife - Brazil, to make the music from that known throughout Brazil and around the world.

A band that was very successful with that approach was Chico Science and Nação Zumbi, mixing Rock with Maracatu.

Maybe some of you know this band.

And… I’m glad you liked it. :lol:

I know there are a lot of local talents out there on this globe nobody knows about.

And it’s great working with such guys:they only have their voice and their instrument and you have your digital excel-score where you can paste the guiding sound behind it.

Everybody happy.

yeah, pretty good! I like when drum’n’bass syle is mixed into melodic track :)

thanks m8. B)

New link for those not registred on Acid Planet.…e=MP3&ReferURL=