My First Renoise Tune D:

I’ve had Renoise for about two months, but I never did anything with it other than the occasional tinkering. Renoise is my first tracker experience, I saw it on CDM, and instantly got the demo. I’d like to get a few tips before I start touching it off.

I know it’s short, oh well. Thanks for listening!

dude, you’ve nailed the cracktro down perfectly :slight_smile:

niceeeeee :walkman:

I assume you have had previous musical experience, and perhaps previous tracker experience. This is too good for a beginner.

I would say it needs more variation and dynamics, but I like it a lot.

Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I get around to using it.

Renoise is my first tracker experience, but I’ve been making music (or noise) for two or some years, it’s been a great experience so far, and I suddenly have a lot of respect for people that can produce great sounding, and balanced mixes.

Hey, you should defo keep using renoise man- this is a cool little track.

I’m only listening on not-very-good headphones, but it sounds like some mild compression of your parts would give you a more cohesive sound, leaving room for the drums and bass to make more impact when they kick in.

I like the lo-fi-ness of the melodic synth parts, but with the drums you could try layering the lo-fi sounds with fatter kick and snare samples. eq the lo-fi sounds for bite, and the ‘clean’ samples for sonic impact.

give the kick some boost around 80hz, cut above 450 and boost again around 2khz.
for the snare, boost around the 250hz mark and roll off below 60 to give some body.
try using stillwell audio vibe eq, as that has a good character to the sound it imparts.


Hey, thanks SO MUCH for this advice, I’m going to try to do what you told.