My First Sh1t In Renoise

Hi All…

In first place i would like to share my impressions what Renoise made at me,it is just an genius tool for home made semi-pro music.I just need to improve all skill what it offers to user and take advantage of them.I have dowloaded samples designed for BB4 and make this first piece of mf crap.

So instead of killing me,please give me some feedback,if it is worth continuing doing this… :guitar:

I liked it!
Tho’ its a bit longwinded in my opinion but the sounds were great!

Hey Welcome,

Listening now and typing as I listen.
I like it. It has a good sense of width and air.

Not sure about the high-pitch synth that starts at around 02:50 - to me it sounds a little cheaper and shallower than the other elements. Maybe it is just too loud or too unprocessed.

I love the bassline entrance at around 03:55. This sounds like a mix of dark yet bright feeling.
The accompanying synth in this part also sounds like it would benefit a lot from having a slight reverb or a stereo delay (3/4 lines, 30% send or so).

It ended too soon I think. I wanted to hear more of that bassline, perhaps alone, with some of your windy effects or just drum and bass.

If it was my track, I would try and take it more to the “dark side” - more of the bassline, more effects, more airy saw pads, more kick and a punchier snare. I like the beginning a lot - like the beginning of a vampire movie :) - but it losses its impact somewhere in the middle with all the synths.

My opinion anyways.

Not bad at all. Nice build ups, nice tension, nice sound palette, you obviously have made music before.


Chiming in with connor. You’ve done this before, even if it is your first Renoise track. :)
Did you use anything but the internal effects?

As to the high-pitched lead, it sounded quite in place for me. That kind of sound is somewhat of a common ground for a lot of bands. I thought a bit about :wumpscut:, ca Evoke, the staccato basses reminded me of Skinny Puppys Remission, which again reminds me of Pink Floyd.

It goes well with Marvel Zombies too, reading it as I listen again, but you could stand to follow their lead and drop the self-beating.

Thank you very much guys,and thank again.

Im very happy that my piece of music is not that bad in your ears.I really apreciate your opinions and will try to make some adjustments in the future.There are many points to improve in my work and i can see them clearly.Altought i have no musical educations i dont even know the notes,i try to learn as much i can to understand composing music.

See ya.

Will type while I listen:

I like the high pitched synth in the beginning, very groovy, and crunchy.

I think you’ve done a great job on the drums here, it sounds very dynamic and alive, the mix sounds very good also!
Very very impressive “first sh*t” in Renoise.

Nice filtering on the drums when the strings kick in, nice part here, very tense… at 2:44 though, a skinny little synth kicks in, and this doesn’t fit in with the rest. It kinda cuts the tension, you know?
Maybe a warmer, more mysterious synth would do the trick here.

Now the crunchy synth kicks in, and drums comes back, gotta say I really like the hi-hats in this tune!

Sounds like you’ve added some compression too?