My First Song Written In Renoise

Hey. I just finished my first song completely written in Renoise and I wanted to share it with you all. If anybody could give me their feedback or suggestions about the song, especially about mixing, I would be very thankful.



Edit: Updated with a Virb account since it gives a bit better quality. Thanks for the tip!

That’s your first song? You’ve got real potential as Renoise composer!

However, I think the track hits it’s climax much too soon…After the moody synths in the beginning (actually bringing a detroit vibe into my office), then the drums and… KAZAM!!! Right after the initial harp and bass introduction, things collide (in a bad kinda way).

The sound is muddied by the harp (chiming?) instrument, and bass synth not being properly seperated by EQ. Try lowering the lower frequencies (say, around 300hz) in the harp with a broad nodge, and completely killing frequencies in the bass below 80hz. This should bring your drum programming much more into focus, and add some space for all the playful sounds.

PS: myspace sound quality hurt sometimes, please look for a better solution :wink:

For better soundquality you might want to register at or

Concerning the song: Well done but not my cup of tea. :)

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I have almost no experience mixing songs at all, so I will try what you suggested soon.

Thank you and I’ll try those sites too. Unfortunately, one of the only sites for music that a lot of people know about in at least my part of the states is myspace, so it was just the first site I uploaded to.

I guess I’m having some trouble figuring this out. I’ve been using the GBand EQ to use the Lo Cut function and if I set it to 80 Hz, there is almost no bass left in the mix. Also, I don’t know how to lower the low frequencies of the VST I use for the chimes. If you could make any suggestions, it would be a great help.

Also, if anybody else wants to make any suggestions, I would be very thankful!

killing below 80 is maybe abit too much. go for something between 30 and 40.

f****ing great work. amazing. keep it coming

Thanks man! It seems that the songs sound better in renoise before I render them and put them online, so I’m trying to mix them a little better. Any suggestions on software that could help with that?

Thanks for all the feedback! After listening to it a few more times and coming down from all the excitement of “finishing” a song in renoise, I do agree that I need to change/add a few things. I’ll probably start doing that when I get a free moment and hit a writing block with this other song I started.

Haha, will do. I’ve been listening to renoise artists all day!

This is nice. Got a direct URL for download?

Yup, here you go:

Archive mp3 download

kinda reminds me on tha afx somehow…
reel great work.

Thank you, it means a lot!

awesome mate wish my first song composed on renoise could be like yours! seriously amazing work keep it up this is the music i love!

Thank you!