My First Song ^_^

Hey everyone, this is my first song I made with renoise… it was a 30 minute production, but I think it turned out pretty good. I made it for a game I might be programming sometime.

Tell me what you think ^^


(EDIT Fixed the volume but still turn up the bass :slight_smile: )

sounds like it was written by SpongeBob and his pink pal Patrick.
but seriously… you gotta work on your percussions… that’s for sure.
the rest is definately “usable” ;)
not too shabby for a debut tune whatsoever.

Well, the game is going to be a cartoon-ish game, so I guess it kinda suits it… but yea, the rhythms are pretty crappy XD I was just trying out retriggering and delays and stuff, but that was my first day using renoise, so i’ll get better :lol: . I like the bass line though… reminds me of some stuff I used to play in jazz band at school (on the bass guitar, and yes, I was that good ^_^ ) BTW, im only 15, so i havent had the most extensive musical experience in the world XD.

Cheers, and thanks for the input!

Ok, I think it sounds less… Spongebob-y now, I added some guitar/banjo in there, so it filled that space at the drum break…

Cheers ^_^

just want to pitch in a few nickel&dime-remarks aswell…

it’s got enough of that jumpy drone-like quality needed for that sort of game,
nothing really sticks out but has some catchier elements to it… you don’t want
the gamer to find himself listening to the song instead of concentrating on the game, like…
but… don’t overdo the reverb, especially not on the bass and widen the stereo-image abit using panning… as it is now everything sounds spot centered
and with the over-reverbed tracks makes you lose clarity and definition as well as that jumpy, bobby feel that the track otherwise implies…

and as keith said… not a too shabby first attempt…

mucho gusto,


woot, another example why you shouldn’t start renoise on magic mushrooms :o

just kidding … i love the tune, good mood. percussions are a bit thin, heh
thats some sound tho.

cheers - basil