My First Song

Hi, this is my first complete, listenable, song and it’s made with Renoise :) .
So, what do you think considering it’s my first song?
Please comment

Melodies are pretty good.

I would work on the drums a bit more. They need volume tweaks. For example, when you do a roll the volume should start softer and finish louder. This is because when a person drums, the first hit is usually the softest, the last is usually the loudest, with power variations in between. Also take advantage of the new delay column in Renoise 2.0 and humanize your beat a bit more.

Otherwise, not bad for a first tune.

Welcome to Renoise.

yeah nice man :) good start
maybe a little too reverby, everything in the low end of the spectrum seems to blend together a bit too much. And I agree with what conner said about the drums

Thank you guys for your advice :). I will work on the song more now and maybe upload a new version soon.