My First Song

Firts song with Renoise and 8 istances of Albino (at the moment)
To manage patterns is the hardest thing to do but Renoise got a killer workflow for creative composition.

EDIT: some tracks are composed with the Psymachine (first time with it too, nice inspirational tool).

Hey, that stuff isn’t half as bad. :)

My first song in a tracker sounded a hell of a lot worse…Unless you switched from a different tracker
Nice to hear some great stuff.

I don’t really care for this style much, but all in all this sounds really well done. Nice work!

I agree, not bad at all. Plus the replayer is funky :)

C’mon, you can be honoust with us…

This isn’t your first tracker you’re working with… ;)

Thank you all for the kind and encouranging comments! :)

I’ve bought Renoise one month ago (during the v2 launch) after a friend suggestion and I never tried 1.9.x

This one is my first song with a tracker, I am still learning things (today I’ve discovered how to cut note lenghts; next step are triplets) and got a pretty easy strcuture (have a look, just notes every 16th):

I created the base pattern in no time, i’ve spent most of the time automating volume and arraging patterns.
My first impressions about Renoise (coming from cubase-like sequencers):

Renoise PRO

  • native fx: simple, very creative, good variety, killer LFO routing, easy automation (not only of native fx), is nice to move an fx in the chain just dragging it
  • good performances (low CPU usage)
  • a lot of things to do with samples
  • render/export each instrument in different tracks
  • GUI beatiful, clean and functional
  • some good tools (
  • easy automation

Renoise CONS

  • pattern management (it remember to me early Fruity versions): i tend to set the pattern lenght to the max to use less patterns

Hey, Delphi, I say your screenshot-post on the isratrance forum. :) Great first-song! Not my style, but still! Keep it up!

Yea, I’m trying to spread the word about Renoise and the topic “Post screens of your tracks!” was a good chance!

Whoah, this is impressive! I’m just learning Renoise too, this is the first tracker & the first music software for me. Can you post the .xrns of this song or send it to me as a personal message? It could teach me something. I’m just interested in how you do things and how do you make things sound like the way they do.

Yo 000000,

I just started tracking myself after a long stint with Reason and Project 5. BotB dropped science with this post and it helped me learn a few things quite easily…

Check it HERE