My First Songs Posted In Renoise Forums

Hi, the first “proper” song I made in Renoise was “Colors”, a year ago(a downtempo, melody driven song) , the last is “Mi ra gestorum”.
“Mi ra gestorum” is a more experimental song, centered around 2 frequencies outside the Western Scale, instead of samples I use the DC Offset (a trick learned in this forum). A short drum sample is used for the “Breakcore” beat.
The others songs are very eclectic in sounds, styles, & influences, and almost all are works in progress.


Mi ra gestorum

hi there! mi ra gestorum is different and kind of an unforgiving listen lol. (:

the kind of halting and a-rhythmic beat is something i don’t particularly like and it drags on a bit.

what’s the harmonic ratio between those “out there” notes btw? what are you playing in that bigger chord at the end?


I based my composition in the “Sacred Solfeggio Scale” . Its interesting, and the Harmonic Ratio… I can give you a link.

"The production of ancient sacred sounds did not rely on specific
frequencies, it relied on specific proportional harmonies…

It relied on RATIOS…"

My link

You can, or cannot believe in the “mystical” thing, but research is being doing on this, and some things make sense.