My Heart Skips Beats

I was feeling something weird with my heart for the past week, and today i found out that it skips beats for some strange reason… I’m only 24 years old for christ sake, dont smoke, dont drink much, i have been into sport all my life etc…
But i guess its true, that bad thing happen to those who worry about their health, not to those who dont care, drink, smoke etc :)

But anyway… i will get to the point. I was thinking here. Maybe it is because i hate house music? :blink: You know, that my heart just couldnt take that 4x4 beat anymore… :blink: Like they say, music comes from the heart. What you think?

maybe you just miss one beat from time to time. your heart is still beating, but your brain is at another bpm, so you feel like you’re missing some beats, but they were there in the first place. :)

i think you should stop cutting the patterns at 47. Seriously tho my gf has the same problem(not very often tho) and they say its quite harmless unless she starts on a giant drug tour, wich she never will and never has been on - just for the record.

Im sure with that in mind you will try to live a quite healty life and probably survive longer than most of us cancer pilots in here. First thing tho is dont focus on it too much, or else you will end in a spiral of misery.

Just my 2 cents.

I have this problem since a lot of years (I’m 28).

There are periods of stress during which my heart often skips one beat, sometimes it skips two beats (and when it beats again, it makes a strong “booom”). Once it even skipped 3 beats… (“BOOOOMMMM”… I felt like I was dying… :wacko:)

You shoud not worry about this problem, which is also fairly common.
If you really worry about it, you could ask for a medical check, though my experience is that the heart will never skip beats during controls :)

I hate house too, so maybe that’s the meaning, but please do not start loving house… the cure would be worse than the illness ;)

My heart goes

Yep, I like house. So does my heart. Stay in good health folks! :)

In a certain way this is true.
Most of the times it simply happen that when our “inner mind” wants to “send us” a message, it selects the field we’re active on.
Simply, if you put a lot of care and are concerned about your health, then receiving something on the “health” field will almost surely get noticed.
If you just dont care and simply behave spontaneously, then a small problem, a small pathology, will never get noticed on that field.

Thanks guys for replys. I think i will go squeez doctros again on monday… will see what they will come up with…

EDIT: By the way, dont make wrong conclusions from my avatar :lol: i have never smoked :) its just that Bob Marley looked kinda cool on that pic :P

im smoking right now. :unsure:

I’ve been told that THC can cause irregular heartbeats… I guess that requires a quite steady consumation though? I also don’t know if those effects stay or decline after you stop toking, and if they are actually harmful or just irritating.

Rather than “irregular”, THC is known to cause sometimes “faster” beats because of certain questions of changing pressure in our body.
This side effect it doesn’t show up regularly and its duration is quite short for it works on the peaks of thc intoxication rather than being a generic side effect to it… and yes, I’m smoking right now too :D

I’ve had this kind of heartbeat behaviour a few years ago.
I was under a lot of stress as well those days.

I’ve also changed my lifestyle when picking ingredients for my meals.(avoiding certain fast food etc.)
It did helped.

THC does nothing with your body directly (except the brain, mucous membranes and eyes inner pressure). in general THC changes you mental situation / stimulates the synapsis in your brain: THIS affects your whole body. nealry the same with caffeine, alcohol, sex, music … everything that influences your brain.

it’s wrong to say THC influences the heart beat. your brain influences the heart beat! B)

well this is like if someone throws a ball in your face and then he says:
“it wasn’t me! it was the ball!”

I don’t think you will agree with him :)

not really IT ;)

in medical view it’s important to know where the drug influence is starting … because everybody react different. on everybody THC influences the brain but not everybodies brain produces the same side effects. this is the difference.

with your example (but it’s not really comparable): not on every face the ball produces pain - the sensitivity to pain is different - someone laughs about, someone cries

Yes ok, it was sort of a joke, but what I mean is that if someone complains about his heart having problems, and these problems’ causes are individuated in usage of THC, then the guy should not stop using his brain: he should stop smoking :)

/me never smoked :rolleyes:

but this would be a solution too :lol:

Yeah, herb can cause that. Herb can cause panic too, which can cause that. I’m really a panicky person as it is, so irregular heartbeats seem to be a regular thing for me.

I smoked about a half-hour ago. I’m glad I never started cigarettes.