My Inspiration Went Far This Time

classical music and DnB?

wot?! wot!?



one of the few d’n’B songs I like, I have to admit.
Because of this I registered at Acidplanet and downloaded your song.
I’d wish a melodical bassline but however this song is awesome.


thanks for the props Gilli. I’m glad you liked it.

You might like my last one too. I posted as “My first renoise track” here on the forum.


I’m not so sure about the way the harp really is in a different beat, I’d personally alter them slightly… But when the strings kick in around 4:10 it’s plain amazing!!! Agree with the bass-wish, but this track is on the right track!

…Wish I could see the RNS so I could make a few changes, cos this tune could become a classic!

Thanks for the props m8. I’m affraid the RNS is no big deal because I just programmed the drums there (I believe everybody knows how to do that).

For the sampled parts (piano, strigs, etc) I used Ableton’s warp algorithm. I tried to do it in Renoise, but it was a bitch. :blink:

I’m glad you liked it.


Hehe, yeah… I’ve done a few drums myself now. :P