My Kvr Entry…0veda%20rok.mp3

nuff said :ph34r:

version 2

Interesting entry sagosen,

definitely one for the Strangest Audio Damage category!

Good use of the stereo image in your tracking here,

not really my sort of thing but can see the effort that has been put in here,

Good luck in the contest!


did something go wrong with this file? :blink:

I read noise in the url so i guess not

This is noisy as hell, not to be mistaken with ‘real’ music! Softens up in the end, though!

Do you believe me when I say I actually enjoy listening to this??

Thanx for the words Ledger, my audience is quite narrowed, but I actually DO have an audience for this style, will perform with this tune + a couple more some day soon. Looking forward to that!

Oh, and I revamped the ting. Bass and numberstations. Wah!…a%20rok%202.mp3

The bass changed it into a pop song! :P

No seriously, I liked the change. The bass add some nice contrast. B)

But I’m not sure if the numberstations made it better or not.

Lol, popsong… :D

I played it for a 16 year old girl who loved it, so it MUST be a pop song! :rolleyes:

I was unsure of the numberstations before I added the bass, but on my third attempt it felt right. Ah, live programming is awesome…

err. this is awfull kristian! i’d rather listen to my own urine pouring down the toilet :D

edit: btw… why are you so seldom online? <_<

abstract art performed as music.
i like the ambience, the threat, the tension plus the whole concept.
the bass with the note portamentos did it for me.
more stuff of this and you might consider joining WeAreReasonablePeople ;)

i hope you all understand that i know kristian irl and that i was only joking :P

Sewen: If your urine sounds anything like this you’ve been doing rock too long! :P Hm… Maybe I should come record it some day??
I’m hardly ever online cos I’m fed up with msn for the time being, but you’re always in my mind… :wub:

Thanx keith, glad you liked this better than my trance-effort. :D

Let’s call it the “modern” industrial-ambient…
You know I dig this! :P
oh… and btw NumberStations sound just fine to me! :lol:

sure I do :yeah: Same here. :walkman:

:ph34r: :ph34r: ack!

Hehe, and I’ve been over-listening to this track the past few days myself… Always do that when I make something I like. :rolleyes:

Some guy I just met introduced me to electro acoustic music, audio art in other words! Fascinating stuff will attempt at that some time very soon!

“cinco, tres, ocho… cinco, tres, ocho…”