My Latest Renoise Drivel

first track on virb
scampi n chips
Any thoughts?

Nice tune, builds well & has good detail in the breaks. The little breakdown at 2:55 seems a little strange to me, and the fill at 3:38, but at least it’s unique :)

Good, tidy sound though and kinda reminds me of squarepusher’s ‘come on my selecta’ (perhaps just not so ‘rood boy’) :D

Feel free to comment on in-doctrinate, also on my virb account, or a 160k mp3 is here.

Enjoy ;)

Good sound. Really like the bass, nice and subtle. The Alan Watts sample is nicely placed too. The drums get a bit samey, not so much in the programming but in the timbre. Maybe use some effects and slow automation.

cheers for your thoughts guys.
yeah i was bit dubious about using that think drumkit but then it just happened…
In-fluence : I like that in-doctrinate track, a good sort of rich sound although it kinda goes on too long for me but hey.