My Life Of Renoise


It may look like im new to this forum im actually not.
I just lost my email to my old account.

When i was about 11 or 12 years old ,my brother had gotten
some new software on his computer.
Me having no experience with making music ,was fascinated
by hearing what my brother could do with it.
This was Fasttracker 2.
After seeing my obvious interest in this tracker,he taught me the basics.

I wish i could go back and hear my first song.
It truly was the definition of crap.
Our samples were crappy ,but you know…

Crappy samples didn`t stop my brother though.
He had some experience playing in a band so it came more easily for him.

I have tried other musical software like Reason and Fruityloops in later years
,but i always went back to a tracker.
I used both Fastracker and Madtracker before finaly Renoise came out and wow… :dribble:
Revolution to my musical creation.

As both me and my brother progressed using Renoise ,we could clearly hear the sound
quality was getting much much better. Mostly because of all the effects and the addition of VSTI and great samples.

Im guessing i have created around 2-3000 projects. About 300 of these are finished songs.
My brother has propably made more.
Im not saying all of these 300 songs are fantastic songs ,but still… ;)

Today im still using Renoise. Still using a tracker.
I will NEVER use anything else to create my music.
How long will i keep making songs? Who knows…
:yeah: Till i die :yeah:

:walkman: Thanks devs for providing me with the tool i needed :walkman:

I will show of some songs later on.
Propably not today though… Gonna grab a beer and celebrate Renoise ;)

on a related note, if you want your old user back, please contact me privately telling me your old username and email address, and I could reactivate your old username using your new email address

I love these fantastic appreciation posts that pops up once in a while, I’ve wanted to write many of them too :lol: … because I really would not make music if it wasn’t for Renoise, so thanks a lot to Taktik and everyone who are helping Renoise on it’s way! :yeah:

We are creators until we die. Long live Renoise to journey with us along the way.

I’m his brother. This post makes me very warm and proud.

Not only until we die. As the saying goes - aspire to inspire before you expire. Some (many) of us do that and thus create a chain reaction of creation and expression of emotions. Inspiration that leads to enthusiasm and passion. Inspiration is everything.
For me inspiration never comes from inside. Always from an outside source, creations of others, community.

A world without Renoise is like this scene with Mad Max and Feral Boy minus the music box.

i agree the tracker format is the best ! :). Renoise is catching up very fast to the other DAW out there, in 1-2 years it’ll be the best on the market :)

Renoise doesn’t have to be “the best”. The whole thing about Renoise is that it’s the best TRACKER available. So anyone who feels at home in a tracker, will love it. I’ve spent years trying to use Reason’s sequencer but I just can’t get comfortable with it. I know my way around, but it’s just meh. If you’re used to a tracker you just don’t want anything else.

It’s the truth. I realize the amazing features and potential of other DAWs, but I just can’t express myself through them. The workflow always feels bogged down and blocky. I spent a good while pushing my skills in Ableton and FL Studio and I’ve dabbled here and there in REAPER, EnergyXT, Reason, and others, but every time I come back to Renoise and go, “Ahhhhh, it’s good to be back home.”