My live act with music from Renoise

Hello guys

Somebody recorded my live act I had last week in a smaller club. I’ve played songs using my laptop with Hercules RMX DJ console [and VirtualDJ program] & iPad connected to mixette. I’ve played songs I’ve made long time ago, in OctaMED Sound Studio [Amiga] back in 1997 [and music styles varied from breakbeat, over psy trance up to electro and drum and bass] and latest ones created with Renoise, check out the link:

More stuff are available through my channel here:

It was great fun to play with music [as I am working with animations and graphic design for a very long time] :)

Do you have any music on soundcloud?

Well just a little bit, I am not much into Soundcloud, but here it is:

I’ve opened account on ReverbNation and for some reason [!?] I am at the 1st place of electronica [!?]

:) I don`t have much time for playing around the web but from time to time I come and see how music progress.