My Madtracker Compo Entry

Hey sup?

yesterday the results of the madtracker 2005 compo were finally aired, I got the with my drilly breakbeat shissle…

they put up a page with some words from the who rated all the entries + an .ogg off the track & the madtracker songfile :

there were a couple off rules for this compo; like you couldn’t just use all the plugins you wanted, you basically had to stick with what is offered when you install madtracker.



good job mate though i would have rated you higher after hearing some of the other traks. …
but im biased… :)


i dont have madtracker installed… cant listen :(

There’s an .ogg version right there :)…0lives%20on.ogg

doh :rolleyes: didnt see that :) thanks, downloading…

really nice track! i like it

Very very funky track! I really dig the tight sound and its
structure, which happily jumps up and down here, psychotic at times …
… but still developing… but above all, awesome awesome beats mate!
great job, good luck in the compo !

eh, he got 11th place.


eh, yeah… right on!

this is pretty fcking cool. you got some awesome syncopations going here, not only with the kick/snare but also with the hihats and shit. tonnes of great rhythmic ideas going on here. you could probably make about 6 different whole songs out of this. background instruments are nice and groovy.

really clean sounding production on the drums. i’m impressed by this.

i love how my vlc media player says the song length is 5:22 and then it continues to play past that mark…

song seems to jump around randomly a lot, but my songs seem to have that same problem :rolleyes:

thanks to the renoise massive! 1