my Metal & Rock tracks

Hi all!
I’m new to this forum and I’d like to share some of my stuff.

Any comments appreciated :)

Nice work! I liked that you put in some variation with fx, piano, ballads, etc. Thanks for sharing your tunes. :)

i didn’t listen all the way through every piece, but didn’t hear any vocals.

it sounds like these are perfect platforms for a vocalist (and maybe some serious noodling/riffage/solos).

it also sounds like you’ve got a good variety of material here. you know, the ‘tones’ change from piece to piece.

oh, i see you’re from a city on the dniepr river. in the usa, the most equivalent would probably be the mississippi river.


making instrumental music is always a challenge and I think that the author has managed to keep his songs interesting despite of the lack of lyrics. I always prefer good instrumental music to music with meaningless words. Cheers to Alex Blackout

Thanks for listening and commenting :)

Unfortunately I’m not good at writing lyrics, so I stick with just music so far :)

I’m glad to join the forum, thanks for warm receiption :)

Excellent metal riffing. There could be some aggressive vocals, but works as instrumental as well. I like the sound of guitar and drums, but cant hear much bass (in these headphones).

But very good songs, really tight riffs! Did you play all those instruments by yourself? Did you use any synth/VSTs?

Yes, I’m using XLN Addictive Drums VSTi for drums and IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 for guitar effects (playing a real guitar through FX while recording).
As for the lack of bass, mostly I record a guitar with Amplitube’s bass presets, so this probably the reason. Will work on that. Thanks for your comments :)/>