My Minimal Ass

Initially I just wanted to make a quick shitty short “beat” for these lyrics because I had none, but I ended up [having fun]( Lola_Lebt Herzloch_Willkommen_(My_Minimal_Ass).mp3 p763 a~sh) :lol: (warning though, german angst lyrics ahead, instrumental [here]( Lala My_Minimal_Ass.mp3 p1897 a~sh)). This is so much easier than (even wannabe) rap! I guess I have my new style for 2009 ;) (not that I consider this a good or final recording btw, just okay enough to play around with the music).

Cheers and merry christmas woot.

looks promising :) but the links don’t work!

Post your animal ass :)

What do you mean by that? Do you get a 404? Please elaborate, since I often fuck up (my site is custom coded and half of the time it works great for me, but visitors get blank screen or something :confused: )

In the meantime here’s direct links without streaming or lyrics:

[]( Lola_Lebt Herzloch_Willkommen_(My_Minimal_Ass).mp3)
[]( Lala My_Minimal_Ass.mp3)

I like it, but a way to short. Where are the vocals from?

Well the first half is me naturally, the second part is from a radio podcast about poetry :)

Whoa, I just realized my site always sends a 404!! That is, unless you specifically call via index.php… so works fine, while returns the same content, but with error code 404 “not found” (instead of 200 “a-okay”).

Bleagh. Haha.

Most browser don’t seem to care, but technically speaking that’s incorrect, and more importantly it causes funky problems with flash mp3 players, not to mention google bot complaining. Shit… I can’t go to bed before I find out why, and it’s 6:30 am :wacko: I coded a spaghetti monster, and now it’s eating me.

LULZ. All it took was to explicitly sent “200 OK” when everything is okay… duh… I wonder what else is broken heh. Like, the site in most brothers except Opera. oh well.

edit: brothers??? BROWSERS. ZZZZzzzzz…

Hey +1 :)

Funny Johann! Has some commercial potential I’d say.
Subjective opinion: The vocal track either needs more compression or should be mixed a tiny bit louder.

Edit: only your part of the vocal track though. The other sample comes through very well.
Edit2: Heard 3 or 4 times already. Gotta have something good!

haha, yeah this is funny, and funky…
I don’t really understand german well enough to get the point in the story, but the sound of german is entertaining itself 8)

cool synth work by the way. wet, wobbly and nasty!

Thanks thanks!! :)

Whoa haha, thanks! But yeah, from my recent antics that’s definately the smoothest. If I can get the other stuff up too this standard I will be kinda happy. I mean, if you browse around on my site you’ll find shitty sound and unfinished tunes are the norm…

Yes, I kinda agree. I guess that’s because I only just started recording… you know, it’s just weird to hear my own voice :smashed:

And anyway, the idea is to lay down recordings that don’t totally suck (which means not recording after like 4 (or 20) hours at the computer, but rather after a walk outside haha) first, then beef up the beats, and THEN remove the headphones and actually try my hand at mixing to my best ability. Or maybe just add and tweak here and there, round robin style?

Either way, so far it’s all just demos, that’s always a good excuse :D But that doesn’t mean I can’t turn the vox volume up a notch in the meantime, so thanks for the input.

I’m just being defensive… geez, I wrote lyrics for years, but I never really thought about the next step… it’s work, and I need to stop being a lazy cunt…

Thanks again, I am flattered ^_^

ein, zwei, polizei :slight_smile:

sounds like pop chart music, though I think you could make this a lot better spending time adding some more sounds, especially during the break around the one minute mark. That wobbly synth just isn’t enough imo…then if it is fuller, more layered, you should consider a new section. Return to more lyrics on top of an even more advanced beat or something new imo :-).

I agree about that it’s thin/sketchy - there is barely anything there! Lots of LFO’s and stuff on the bass track of course - and ONE other instrument lol, and no “little details here and there”, either.

(Then again I really wasn’t being humble when I said that initially I just wanted to make a quick crappy beat for lyrics that are whiny shit I just need to get out of the way so to speak… I surely won’t put lots of work into this before I haven’t put more work into more worthy stuff…)

But length wise the song adapts to the lyrics, not the other way around, nothing I can do :P If I feel I need to add something or find another vocal sample just begging to be added, I will, but if not… that’s just bad luck. I “can’t” make the instrumental longer because I don’t want to “fork” the song (the instrumental is just the vocal tracks muted, which I already adopted as company policy huh), I can’t make the full version longer just because I like the music… well okay, maybe I could extend it and then just render the “non-extended” version until the pattern where the vocals end!

The stuff I sampled from the podcast isn’t really legal anyway I guess (I’d be surprised, nay, thrilled if it was)… I just like it too much to not share it until I want to actually “release” this, whatever that means… then it will be in the evil bootlegged version, but only if that’s possible while keeping everything in a single .xrns :D