My music "Overcome" created with Renoise but came to me when r

(scregut) #1


I propose to find what happened to me during this bike ride, and hear the music that inspired me!

Thanl you for watching!


(stoiximan) #2

Nice vid very relaxing to watch and hear.Is the song yours? if so its great!!

(scregut) #3

Thank you for giving your opinion Stoiximan,

Yes, the theme of this music came to my mind while I was cycling.

I tried to keep it in memory until I came home. I think I have been pretty successful in reproducing what I had imagined.

(orrigans) #4

Wow, you’re lucky to have such a nice place to take a ride!

I always like going for a walk or a bike ride and suddenly having some music pop up out of nowhere… the hard part is remembering it for later… unless you sing a really crappy demo into your phone.

It’s a pretty track, thanks for sharing.

(RAM IO) #5

Wow, love this. Nice track!

Thanks for sharing.