My New Album: "unwell"

Hi there,
This is my new album, “Unwell”.
Thirteen songs about getting hurt and getting better.
Brooklyn Mix, 47-minute monolithic pre-master MP3, streaming now on Soundcloud.
Download available and comments welcome.
All songs generated in Renoise then exported to Ardour for vocals, a little extra tracking and mixdown.

I grabbed the download this morning and listened to half on the way to work and half on the way home. I have to say I was totally pulled in to your story, I assume this is autobiographical? I’m glad to hear you made a decent recovery.

Once I got to work I couldn’t wait to be on my way home to hear how things went. The music and production sound a little raw but are certainly very effective. The album works incredibly well as a coherent whole however, pulling you through the story and all your associated emotions. From the dark sadness of isolation, then at times interspersed with some humour and irony (some of the lyrics, and the doctors and nurses running around to carnival like music spring to mind).

If I had one criticism it would be that there are sections where the processing on the vocals is so heavy that I can’t hear the words.

I don’t think this really fits in any genre, and it doesn’t make easy or comfortable listening and I don’t think I’ve heard much like it before, but I’d definitely recommend it to people.

Thank you very much planetm!
I appreciate all your comments and I did push the processing into the red zone at times ;)
I think you “got” the message/story and I am grateful for that.
My recovery continues slowly but surely. I will never play pale Stevie Ray Vaughan covers again, but I have learnt a whole lot of new stuff about electronic music . That may never have have happened had I not had that accident on Set 23, 2006.
Thanks for listening!

love it so far, … freaking long it is :)

very creative stuff.

Thanks basil!

I might change the tag from “electro prog trip-hop” to “experimental song-cycle” coz it’s like a story with a start and a finish ;)