My New Macbook

Hi there,

Have been using Renoise for a bit more than a year now, while running it on XP. I just bought a Macbook however and after installing renoise and transferring all my vst’s i found out that none of them worked on a Mac…

As i use a lot of VST’s and samples i kinda dont know what to do… A friend told me to use Audio Units, but i’ve never even heard of them of know where to get them…

Can anyone please tell me where to find some VST’s that actually work on mac?

Thanks in advance :)

go to and do a search for mac os x plugins. make sure that you are looking for “Universal Binary” as they are the only ones that will work on your new macbook. mac os x plugins that are not labelled with “universal binary” only work on older PPC macs, not the newer intel ones. on mac you can run both mac vsts (not the same as your pc vsts) and audio units (AU). the problem is that not all software supports both. renoise does not support audio units natively unless you have some sort of wrapper (i use Native Instruments Kore 2), so AU’s most likely won’t work for you.

pirate them. except renoise of course!

I do not agree…

But yuo can try before buy ;)

As you are on Intel (MacBook), download the plug-ins with the yin-yang symbol. The one’s without it won’t work:…T/platform/mac/

Unless you open renoise with rosetta ;)