My new odd/ambient EP by I.D. Crisis

For everyone still surviving the pandemic, and hoping to get off this infested planet, you might want to check out my EP “Music For Spaceport Departure Lounges”…it’s ambient mostly, weird in places and a little bit like Boards of Canada, Biosphere and Jean Michel Jarre fighting in a sack. With aliens and nihilists. I hope you get something out of it. I downloaded Renoise in June and used Waldorf’s Largo for a few weeks to check it out - then switched to KV331’s Synthmaster 2.9, which I mainly love (apart from a few clicking envelopes it’s brilliant). I’m enjoying the journey, and hope some of you might come with me. Cheers, folks!

and one vid on YouTube:


Scary stuff but not like being terrified but like fear for the unknown, you know when you dont know what is beyond but you have the curiosity to find out. Very well balanced the 2 tracks i ve listened so far… Now i will have a listen to the others and travel through the galaxies

Thanks very much for the positive comments, they mean a lot. I was an Octamed tracker user on Amiga 1200 back in the early 90s, and found Renoise when lockdown killed my day-job. It’s helped me greatly, and at some points I’ve found enough inspiration to do 4 or 5 tunes in a week. Cheers - I.D. Crisis

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Cool !! Suspended …Good meditation …

Just realised it comes out really low-volume, compared with others I’ve seen you guys upload. I’ll have to do something about that; I render my tunes so the loud parts don’t clip in Renoise (not going too far into the red) - does everyone else then boost the volume somehow? Like in Audacity or something?

Good EP, I like it. Quite tensed ambiance, evoquing a silent unoccupied station in dark deep space. Waiting alone in the lounges for the next shuttle to exit. :rocket:

This remind me the album of Solar Fields : Blue Moon Station.

About the global sound level, I think it’s less important for ambient music, it’s ok to keep some large headroom. But you have to normalize the tracks (in Audacity) and take care to avoid the peaks to keep some volume level yes.

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Thankyou Fabrice - merci!

The Arrival has a very smooth and spacy ambient vibe. I like it.

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