My New Song

Hi ppl! :drummer:

Im planning to release some tracks soon so Im interested to hear from you - what do you think about this song:

or direct link ->…2amiga-demo.mp3

it is ~5mb unfinished progressive trance [named “tribute2amiga”] and it took me around 7 days to finish it… actually it is ~80% finished, needs just a but tweeks and arranging, but overall, thats it. what is sound quality to you? is it ready for releasing? I used sampled speech from old american amiga tv shows and vst ins, has ~30 channels…

any comment is welcome :rolleyes:


added 05.09.2006:

another song from me, this time is psy [fullon], grab it from this page:

djnick-xtc-demosong.mp3 [3,6mb; 112kbit]…demosong%5D.mp3

ok i dont care much for trance music, but wow this is really good!!!

wat makes this so cool is the buildup and the soundeffects i think, very nicely done.

gotta ask: which vsti (if any) did you use for bassline?

i especiAlly like the swirling effect that goes higher and higher around 1 minute into the song.

All in all a well done track, dunno why you’re saying it’s not done yet, to me it sounds perfect.

thank you for your comments! I`m glad you like this tune. anyway, I used classic tb303 emulator plugin for bassline [in my case it was AudioRealism BassLine vst] but to make the bass sound like that, I had to compress it once, put 2 x EQualizer + 2 x filter… :] swirling sfx is a synth vst… I have for now 2 finished songs and this one… first two are fullons…

I decided to finish psy album just to see - can I create this kind of music. it is much fun as I think it is pretty hard to create psy stuff, as each pattern has to be slightly different than the previous one so youll have to spend many hours to get desired effect. but youll hear soon trip_hop / ambiental stuff, just to finish it :]

It’s good stuff, i don’t think you need to worry about the finish.
Usually they shift a semitone up at 75% (and raise the tempo a few noticable bpms) of the song to bring the listener to the very final. (Extacy explosion)


Imo that seams to be a very good psytrance track compared to any other psytrance track!
(I´m at work now and don’t have very good headphones but from what I hear it also sounds good mixed.)
(I used to listen to a lot of those tracks and have quite big goatrance/psytrance record collection.)

You can definatly release that on a record.

agree :] but would need rearranging at the end :] anyway… I`ll put tomorrow another finished song, this time fullone, where I sampled “xtc rising” american show.

thank you :-] well, in comparsion with song Ill put online tomorrow, this one sounds slightly better... youll hear it soon.

I’m sure this will have no problem being added to a record.

Let us know how they respond!

All the luck to you :)

Great stuff,

Trance is my favorite musicstyle and this sure is a great song… Keep up the good work. Really like the voicesamples and the tune from 1:50 on. Hope to release some new tunes 2 very fast so check the musicsection :P

Grz DJRave.

another song from me, this time is psy [fullon], grab it from this page:

djnick-xtc-demosong.mp3 [3,6mb; 112kbit]…demosong%5D.mp3

I sampled ‘xtc-rising’ tv show…

In the end, why don’t you just do some sound fx and another voice thingey? I’d finish it like that anyway. :)
Good stuff!

Now on to the next track…
Whooo, I just LOVE that kind of beat/bassline/fx/conga/acid/breakup/flanging/phasing way of doing psytrance, do I hear Delay Lama there too?
This music belongs on a party, loved by me.

yes, I have finished the track “tribute2amiga”, now it is is a bit longer…
for the other song, overall quality can be much better, but Im still playing with sound production and experimenting a lot... when finish 10 songs, Ill finish their mixing.

about dalay lama - yes - when I saw this plugin, I fall in love :) so I decided to use it :] anyway, I`ll soon post some more demos.

yeah samrt stuff. I´d like to use ist in a mix of the month If I´m allowed to to so.

well this is just a demo, its unfinished [finished version is here] but yes, why not, you can play it & promote it but plz put some “commercials” [jingles] over it :)

great production on these djnick, im jealous :)