My new tools: 808 Style Drum sound generator and one EQ5 helping tool


I create two new simple tools:

I bored to use vst and other samples to use 808 Drum sounds.
So i try to make my own generator and now i give it to you.

The other thing is help to use EQ 5 Native DSP.
Its bring up a new Console Style EQ window and edit track eq. (like any vst) The window is display the track name and all the settings with knobs. It a bit faster to edit multiple EQs in this way.

You can bind all the tools in the preferencies/keys section. simply search 808 and console…

Enjoy :smiley:

Im not a programmer so i just put this things together somehow… :smiley:
Any help about this project are welcome…


suggestion for 808 drum sounds:
Detect if you’re in Waveform in Sample Editor, then switch back to it so that the sample is rendered. Currently what happens is if you’re in the waveform tab, and generate something, all you see is an empty waveform, you need to get out of waveform tab and back to it to see what was rendered.

you’re using this to create a snap for the snare, any chance that could be softened? (looks dangerously close to utilizing dcoffset or something for the click)

do you have any other sounds incoming, or is bassdrum and snare what you’ve got going currently?
based on how the bassdrum sounds, you could probably just tune it to create low tom mid tom high tom.

I dont know why not update the waveform when its rendered. Use sroll in your mouse or something else, dont need to switch.

Its a really simple math, i cant implement a filter to the generating so its not perfect and not that smooth what i want now… but its sound kool anyway…

maybe somebody help about that transient click in the beginning of tha waveform…

doing a detection of “are you in this tab, then, refresh back to this tab” would be completely invisible to the user, and would fix it without needing user input.
if you’re absolutely against doing it yourself, i can take your code and modify it to do exactly that and send it back to you.

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Okey do it,
I dont know how to refresh windows…. :rofl:
thank you

can you fix that issue ?

hello ? + :smiley:

it’s quite easy, just do a “switch appwindow” to not-the-one-you-want and immediately after that “to the one you want”.

Just a quick untested thought here: would changing the zoom of the wave view fix it?