My newest Renoise project

Jordens Overgang

It’s only 11 minutes and 26 secs… to be patient :slight_smile:

Written in Renoise using samples and VST plugins

VST used:
Predator, Synth1 and CheezeMachine

Samples used:
Linn II drum samples,
Korg KR55 drum samples,
Korg Micropop samples,
Roland MC303 samples,
Renoise preset samples
…and some other samples…


This sound sweet, very 80’. Oh it’s a long time you haven’t posted here, welcome back on the forum! :slight_smile:

This is fantastic bro, thanks for sharing. I love when the bells come in at the 3:00 mark, and the pitch change around the 5:00 mark, and especially how it all comes together into this wonderful groove around the 7:00 mark. If you’re able, you should make more music.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: yes it’s along time ago… i havent done tracks really since. This is my frist finished track for years.
It is not 80s retro, since i have never left the 80s :wink: ( been there since…)


Thank you very much😀 i am glad you liked it.
Yes i would like to compose more. Your feedback is motivating me to continue.

Oh my… I am only just over one minute in and loving it already. Getting a serious Kraftwerk vibe here.

Thank you :blush:
Funny that you mention Kraftwerk… the first part is inspired by Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger (who were early members of Kraftwerk). Pure Krautrock.
I hope you also like the rest… you may find other evidence of the 70 & 80’s in the rest of the track.

There is a new one here:
Or at this forum

Very nice! Thank you for sharing. Real smooth, catchy track. I could see this being sampled in some hip hop track. Keep it up!