My Nine Inch Nails Remix

For the NiN Remix Competition on acidplanet I made this track, entirely in renoise.

Would be nice if you could comment/rate it on the myspace website.

This sounds interesting… I shall download on monday and write a review for you.

Big NIN fan here.

Lets go renoise massive.

Nice remix. Recommended download whether you listen to NIN or not. It’s worthy of much praise.

Lets all support one another.




Well I was hoping, perhaps unjustifiably, for something bolder than dance music. With that field all the usual praise applies: tight, funky, radio friendly, etc…

I just long for something more (as I did from With Teeth in general). I subscribe to the fixed/further down the spiral school of remixing where the remix is a new songs entirely. Coil’s work comes to mind. Or later on with the stuff Jerome Dillon did.

This could have been done if you dumped the bassline and put your own chords in there, making the vocals weave in a different way. Maybe half time or double time the beat. Pick something out of the box.

But it’s a good effort nonetheless, I respect that. :)

its actually not meant to be anything more than a functional club-remix.
The idea was not to make an entirely new piece of music, but to make it work on the floor, which it does (hence the title “nailing the floor”).

And I did put quite some work in since alot of the tracks were not as funky as they are now, for example I totally chopped and rearranged the bassline and changed the guitars for a great deal.

Anyway, I get your point. :D

hey now thats some good stuff as far as functional club mixes go. I mean - no offence intended as its just a matter of taste - but under normal circumstances, the most attention I’d pay to club music in the confines of my home would be to allow it to play in its entirety without getting irritated and closing it/skipping through for a quick overview.
This was one such song I allowed to play in its entirety…obscure compliment I know but I wanted to give you an honest oppinion :)

now thats actually another thing about “club” stuff :

If you do a vinyl-ready-mix you got to have 1 minute of straight drums at the beginning and the end so that the dj can match the tempo and make a smooth fade from the previous and to the next record.
this leads to a very boring 6 minute-track however, where the 3:30 that count are tucked in in the middle, so I tend to make two versions, one for listening, one for mixing.

You obviously know shit DJs!

Beat sync = fear. :lol:

Hey if I heard this remix in a club I’d go bananas!

wow! amaaaazing remix :D made me dance! B)

Amazing :D

Ill have to check out the new NiN album now


Every time I burn a cd for my car it finds it way on it and when others are in the car they always comment on what a killer track it is; then I explain the story behind it.

Then there are the others that I listen to quite often from other composers here -

Kcirr3d - Doorbijten of Standhouden

Kazakore - Descent into Madness (just evil)

MLoN - potty_horror-casual_dirt-rmx(eatin_everythang)

plugexpert_-_1_MINUTE_STEREOTYPE.mp3 (have a fight with myself to pick which song to burn. All just rippin shit up)

robert - smeon.mp3

Sonus - Quench.mp3

botb_-_mirrorus_surrectium.mp3 (sounds like piano I would program. Jealous of it…)



shruggy - 70ster.mp3

shruggy - mario_auf_lsd.mp3

My girlfriend, who doesn’t know a commodore 64 from a military man, said she thought that Shruggy’s music sounds like the chipmunks on crack. I almost passed out laughing. Shruggy is the man. Both bad ass tunes.

Entirely too many excellent songs over the years. I have so many mp3s it’s mind boggling. I spend my listening time in one directory listening to artist’s here.

What a great source of excellent music.