My Novation Sl 25 Dosent Work...

… as a masterkeyboard, automap is working, how to assign buttons in renoise?

thx Dzieciak 303

I personally don’t use automap (just haven’t tried it yet), but my Remote SL 25 is working fine when using Renoise’s midi learn function. I’ve been able to map sliders, knobs, buttons, etc., with no major problems. Can you give a few more details about what you’re trying to do?

im need a renoise template or controlsurface for my sl25? im try to midimap a solo, mute track, navigate buttons or tempo host and its dosent work. where is the problem, in my novation configuration or in renoise??? sory for my little english… :)

If you don’t mind me asking, which version of Renoise are you using?

i have a renoise 2.1 demo and i wont to ply my renoise like a groovebox with my novation sl 25, im need a solo, mute track buttons and tap tempo button
i try to make a controlsurface for renoise but im dont known a midi commands for renoise.

To map your controllers to the buttons you need Renoise 2.5. Renoise 2.1 does not support mapping midi controllers to buttons. It only maps to DSP sliders.
If you only want to use the Demo then you have to wait for the first Release Candidate of Renoise 2.5 to get out as this version will also come as a demo version.

Ok im must wait for r2.5 thx

Not a must perse. If you register you can have 2.5 now. But that’s completely up to you.