Hi, everyone here’s a record a made a few months ago. I spent so long on it by the time i’d finished it i couldn’t listen to it anymore and never put it out or did anything with it. I’m sure many of you can empathise. Anyway I’ve listened back to it finally with fresh ears and come to the conclusion I quite like it.

The idea was to present a record in the form of a mix. All the ‘tracks’ were designed with this idea in mind (open beginnings and endings). It was arduous towards the end, trying to find seamless and interesting ways to blend the music together without using standard conventional mixing techniques like fading in and out etc. However trying to work out the start and end of tracks is something I always struggle with and so the concept kind of took that pressure off ,as none of the tracks needed beginnings/endings. I had to compromise here and there towards the end, and although there are clear separations between some tracks I think generally I’ve managed to keep the transitions interesting.

Lots of different genres and influences. I think it’s definitely a UK sounding record. All made on Renoise ofcourse!

Anyway I hope you like it. As with all the music I make I’m never 100% satisfied with the end result, but who is?

There’s some newer tracks on my soundcloud as well.

Thanks for listening, and I’d really appreciate any feedback, good or bad.


I like the cunning with which you achieve some of your transitions. Around 6 minutes is a good one. It’s obviously a transition, but elegantly achieved so that it is not jarring.

Around minute 14 is a bit more obvious, but still smooth enough. It’s like moving from one movement to another.

In fact, the music into which it leads has some very interesting sounds. It’s as if it’s trying to reach for industrial sounds without giving in to the usual industrial music tropes. The movement to the complex drumming in the tail end hints at tribal cross rhythms, which is a powerful place to be.

The vocals which come in slowly hint at trance-like music. It’s like an intersection of dance and new age music.

Thank you Jan for taking the time to listen so carefully, it means a lot. you touched on some elements I’d purposefully tried to achieve and it’s great to hear you picked up on them, as well as some things I hadn’t noticed until now! much love!

Hey, I’m really digging this track. I’m going to pop back here and write a bit more once I get some time (just about to run out the door). Quick question: are you going to sell this or put it up for download at any point? I want to drive around to this.

thanks very much! I love the idea of people driving to it. i’ve put it up for download now man so feel free!