My Other Myspace, A Couple Of Reggae/dub Tunes

all renoise.

gotta love the ohmyboyz plugin! and dub siren vsti :yeah:

nothing? oh yeah, my bad :) i forgot none of you are dudes, you’re all geeks wanting to hear IDM.

i like its good to hear something different being done with renoise keep it up mate :)

good chill-out dub, some nice moods.
my fav. is Beckford herb. keep it up!

Some download links would be nice, not everyone is fond of the MySpace player ;)

lol dub siren vst makes me cringe now. maybe thats just in my productions though.

these are hardcore wick’d

damn! HOW did you know i used that ??? is it actually that distinctive?

i didn’t hear it actually, just that you mentioned it. usually i can recognise it instantly. assuming you’re talking about the same dub scrolls one?

OHyeah lol :wacko: forgot i mentioned it in the first post haha doh!

Haha, love the quacky wackyness.
Keep 'em smokin!

He has enabled the download link on MySpace (I personally refuse to listen if I can’t download and do so in my leisure) but you do need to be registered and logged in.

I haven’t listened yet though. I’ve got a cue of music a mile long I’ve promised myself I will listen to and try and comment on where appropriate…