My PHP Scripts For Renoise

“My PHP Scripts For Renoise” are available here:

This is, basically, a continuation of the deprecated XRNS-PHP project without concern for the separate Windows front-end GUI, and without scripts I don’t actually care about.

That is not to say that these scripts do not work on Windows. These scripts do work on Windows! Just that, if you want to use them you, drop to the command prompt and figure it out like a big girl or big boy.

Currently two scripts (rewritten from scratch!)

  • xrns_merge: merges 2 XRNS modules
  • xrns_ogg: compresses XRNS and XRNI with OGG VORBIS

Compatible with Renoise 2.8.

I will look at supporting 3.0 in the upcoming weeks.

Patches & pull requests welcome.

xrns_merge would be helpful as a lua plugin.