My Renoise Redux Free 55 presets (instruments) + 5 Extra skins

Hello, dear friends
Glad to announce you my new Renoise / Redux sounds and presets + 5 Extra skins (Including those that you asked about on my Youtube channel : P )
You can download them for FREE (Or a fair donation) via link : Medievil-Music Presets - Redux Pulse

Happy Producing ^ _ ^


Wow, the demo video sounds amazing. Will have a look for sure, very well done.

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Unable to download for me. Tryed in Chrome and Brave.

I think it is related to your Add-blocker or anti-script something’s Filter sensitivity settings. Just open the link in private mode in any browser.
Hope it will help.

Thank you ^ _ ^


Ok mate, it worked now. He want not accept my email adress. Dont know why. Good Content, thx for your share.

For all that have problems with the download. You can use a formal valid Email in the form of “” for instance. My proton mail domain does not worked.

happy tracking :slight_smile:

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demo sounds lush, reminds me a bit of this tune;

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Purchased, thanks! Can’t wait to dig into this! Also, it brought me back to your Soundwave Sculpting videos which I’ll have to review in depth. Keep up the great work!

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Thank you d(^_^)b