My Renoise Songs

hi ! I decided to create this topic to share my music with you so i’ll put here my Soundcloud links, hope you will too !!

I’ll try my best to make a song per week if i have time

So there is my two first Renoise track i made for now :

Hi ! this is the new track I just finished !

Great sound! Everything sits nicely together and I like the style. Did you master the song entirely in Renoise and do you have any tips?

thank you ! yes I do everything with renoise ! Just watch some youtube video, for exemple a guy who give nice advice “recordrevolution”. I just try to apply some stuff like eq compression sidechain limiter but im just a beginner ! I’ll post a new track before tomorrow :slight_smile:

here it is !

hi ! check out this one :slight_smile:

I just finished this :

hi ! check this