My Renoise songs

Good morning ! You can find my songs, made with Renoise 3.1.1, at the following link : :
Your comments are welcome. Thank you !

Hi Maurizio! Your music is good, even though it’s not what I’m usually listening to. I like it. :slightly_smiling_face:
I just wonder why you always open new threads with always the same message. You already told us here, here, here, here and here about your music. Is it that hard just simply to continue one thread about your music? Is it really necessary to always open a new thread just to repeat the content of the previous ones? How many threads about your music are you planning to have? You already started not less than 6.

Good afternoon ! Sorry for my limited experience with forums. I have always tried to act as correctly as possible. I thought it was necessary to act as I did. Best regards.